This is what I am...

Henni, born in the 90's, living in Finland. One nickname I've got and have been used during years is "Admin". I grew up in a family where we always had cats. But I was the one who wanted a dog and who eventually grew up to be a dog person more than anything. I'm mostly self-taught: things I know / have opinion of, I have had to look for and note the information myself. I haven't had too much people who to ask around me. Specially in the beginning I was just alone, I didin't knew dog people with whom to discuss.

I'm interested of training and competiting with dogs, but first of all they are my companions and friends - my family. I really couldn't think myself owning just a companion dog (don't get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with them, personally I just want and need more than a "lapdog"). However, I'm not the most active person or trainer there is, so I don't need any "world class" top dogs. I need sporting dogs, but not the most extreme ones. I really prefer dogs who can easily relax at home too, who are easy in everyday life.

  • ◦ I got my first dog when I was 12 years old. Mixed-breed male Riki, some kind Finnish Spitz -cross. Unfortunately he had to be put down before he turned 2 years.
  • ◦ A couple of years after Riki, in 2007 I got my first Icelandic Sheepdog female born, Brenna (BH TK1 AGI3 MH LTE FiCH Blenmarin Brenna).
  • ◦ A little bit later Icie Esja (TK1 AGI3 MH LTE FiCH Esja frá Klettakoti) come to live with us, first other person owned her breeding rights and then being fully mine.
  • ◦ In 2013 my long-awaited dream came true, when bred-by-my-friends Long haired Dutch Shepherd male Gaara (BH TK1 AGI3 MH LTE FiCH Tialan Armani) joined to our team.
  • ◦ After a little searching, in 2019 I found interesting short haired Icie-male, and my first own import Daiki (Hjörvar Ylurson Af Láglendinu) came from the Netherlands.

Brenna was ment to be just a normal companion dog, but (luckily) we ended up to continue our trainings after puppy course. We entered to obedience trainings and joined to agility group, trying also a bit of human tracking at one point. Esja became pretty fast after Brenna, so she also was mainly ment to be a companion, but also a bit sporting dog. With Gaara, I already knew I needed a dog suitable for sports. During these years, we have also tried a little bit of nose work and human searching. With my next dog I plan to try digging deeper into the world of either human searching or human tracking, if everything goes well. I'd really like to try some bite works in the future (specially ring sports are interesting), but it's really hard to find helpers / training group here if you don't have a breed like GSD or Malinois. So maybe I need to wait until I may get my own GSD one day (since I was 3-year-old shrimp, my dream have been to get my own German Shepherd. Working line. We'll see when that will happen!)... Anyways, agility have been and is still my/our main thing.

During years, I've also had some responsibility tasks in different dog clubs (board member, speciality show helper/organizer, statutory auditor...). Currently I'm a member of Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish Icelandic Sheepdog Club, Finnish Dutch Shepherd Club and Finnish German Shepherd Club, plus also a member of our local dog training club.

Doing obedience - © Oona Väyrynen (Esja) & Hanna S (Gaara), thank you

They are my world - © Taija S, thank you

“Breeding Worth and Show Worth are two fundamentally different things which need not have anything to do with each other.”
- Max v. Stephanitz