BH TK1 AGI3 FiCH Tialan Armani

Close to 6 years

4 years old

Name: Tialan Armani "Sabaku no Gaara" "Gaara"
Breed, gender: LH Dutch Shepherd, male
Date of birth: 6.12.2012
Height: 59cm
Breeder: Sauli Tiala / kennel Tialan (Finland)
Owner: Henni Särkiniemi
- hips B, knees 0, elbows 0
- eye check (normal and gonioscopy) clear
- back (SP, VA and LTV) clear
- T4, fT4 and TSH values tested, TgAA-neg
Show: BOB-puppy, BOB, BOS, 3 x FI CAC, 3 x CACIB
Agility: MAXI 3
Obedience: TK1, FCI Class 2 0-prize
Begleithundprüfung: Passed (2017)
Character test, LTE: +155p (2015)
Mental description, MH: Test completed (2014)

FI CH - he's Finnish Show Champion
BH - he have passed BH test
TK1 - he haves Finnish title from obedience beginners class
AGI3 - he's competing in agility's third class

World Dog Show 2014 - resCAC & resCACIB
Finnish breed club's Speciality Show 2014 - best male & BOS
Finnish breed club's Speciality Show 2016 - best male & BOS
Finnish breed club's Speciality Show 2017 - best male & BOS

Obedience District Team Championships - 2014 gold

#3 Show Dutchie 2016 in Finland
#3 Agility Dutchie 2018 in Finland
#3 Obedience Dutchie 2014 in Finland
#6 Obedience Dutchie 2015 in Finland

I was finally living on my own and had complete power to decide my next dog's calling name. Hahaa! Because I'm manga/anime fan, I got my inspiration from there. "Sabaku no Gaara" is a character in a series called Naruto. I had always liked this character, so I decided to use his name. In English they've translated that as "Gaara of the Desert". After naming my Dutchie as "Gaara", I found the information what that means if we open it's Japanese kanji writing (我愛羅): Gaara = demon who loves only himself. Hah, not soundind like my boy at all!

This boy was a my dream even before he's birth. I've known Gaara's breeder and his family for years, and I'm pretty familiar with Gaara's both parents too. And from the very first pic which the breeder published in his Facebook page (the puppies were one day old), I "selected" my own kid. They always say, you shouldn't pick a puppy by a picture etc. I know that very well, and I'm not stupid or amateur. Gaara even wasn't the most promising male in this litter. But I just wanted him. And it was such a good choice! Overall he's such a good Dutchie for my needs.

Gaara is super easy dog in many ways and I can trust him in many situations. Many people have said the same thing. We have for example been specially asked to help to socialize a couple of dogs who have feared bigger/black dogs, because people know Gaara's social but calm attitude when needed. He can tolerate other males even around our female pack when I keep an eye on him and calms down from "macho-mode" if I command. He don't always care so much about other dogs, but loves human and to be on my side for example in the couch. My big "baby boy". He is very plauful and has nice prey-drive. As younger he didn't care food/treats so much, but this significantly have gone better with age. He's almost fully trained through prey-drive. I also like his look, ok Dutchie for my taste (just a little bit less coat would be nice).

We visit in a couple of shows a year and he's a Finnish Show Champion. Three times we have participated to our breed club's speciality show, and every time he have been the best male. Our main sport is agility, and we run courses in the highest class (Maxi 3). We also do some Obedience. There Gaara have passed National/Beginners class with three 1st prize results -and so gained Finnish title TK1- only in five weeks and before turning 2 years old. He have also got higher points from National class than any Finnish long hair before him (195/200p). He have also passed second class and tested out Finnish third class, FCI Class II. So we are now training to get 1-prize from there. He seems to have a good nose, so I really had hoped we could have done some tracking at least for fun, but instead we have tried human searching a couple of times. I hope those trainings will continue. He have also passed temperament test Begleithund, better just known as BH worldwide.

Gaara have cleared both Mental Description (MH) -test and Finnish Character Test (LTE). He was the first long haired in Finland who got best shooting judgement/result from MH and LTE: "secure to shots" from both. Just because I love all kind of tests, in 2014 we also went to "prey-drive/protection/shot" -ability test which was done by Ipo/Mondioring helpers, and I think he did well.

In agility competition, 4 years old - © Sami Ritoniemi

3 years

Playing with bite pad, 2,5 years - © Taija S, thank you

Working Dog Trial's panel jump, 2,5 years - © Taija S, thank you

6 years

5 years

4 years

4 years

“The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be.”
-Konrad Lorenz