TK1 AGI3 FiCH Esja frá Klettakoti

7 years old

9 years old

Name: Esja frá Klettakoti "Esja"
Breed, gender: Icelandic Sheepdog, female
Date of birth: 27.10.2008
Height: 42,5cm
Double dewclaws: On the hind legs
Breeder: Susanne Schütte / kennel frá Klettakoti (Germany)
Owner: Henni Särkiniemi
- hips B, knees 0
- eye and hearth check clear
- thyroid normal
Show: BOB, BOS, BOB-vet, BOS-vet, 3 x FI CAC, 1 x CACIB
Agility: MIDI 3
Obedience: TK1, FCI Class 1 2nd-prize
Character test, LTE: +8p (2012)
Mental description, MH: Test completed (2012)

FI CH - she's Finnish Show Champion
TK1 - she haves Finnish title from obedience national class
AGI3 - she's competing in agility's highest class

Finnish breed club's Agility Championships 2014 - gold
Agility District Team Championships 2012 - gold
Agility District Team Championships 2016 - gold
Agility District Team Championships 2017 - gold

* our district = Pohjanmaa (Ostrobothnia), Finland

The word "esja" is Icelandic, and refers to volcanic mountain range called Esja/Esjan in Iceland. When I got her, I was still living with my parents and we decided to do same than with Brenna: we would keep the name which breeder gives to our puppy.

Esja hasn't been as easy like Brenna, but pretty easy anyway. She's very happy and always there where happens. She gets along almost with everyone, but is a bit "shy" and mostly prefers to make the greetings in peace, not the way where human/animal rushes towards her first. She has ok prey-drive (it have clearly gotten better and better over the years) and really likes food and treats. She lacks of hind angulation, but otherwise I like her look. She haves nice head and expression. If anything, she's a real lapdog! She really loves to be close and lay down on your belly when you're watching television etc. Originally she was imported by another person and placed to live with me, the other person holding her breeding rights, but there are no litters from her.

Esja have never been completely "my dog": she herself have decided to be "our dog", mine and my parents. She belongs to our pack and lives with us, but she wouldn't mind staying with my parents house either. Sometimes when we are leaving their place, Esja would like to stay. She looks at me and kind of hesitates. But then runs after us. Well, sometimes when I have left her there (because some of my longer trip etc. which don't include taking her with me), my mom have said that after a couple of days Esja can sometimes be little bit restless - she misses me/us.

We normally visit in 2-4 shows a year. Our main sport is agility, and we run courses in the highest FCI class (Midi 3). We don't have a chance to compete nearly as much I'd like, but we have gained a couple of nice results. We have also done some Obedience, passing Beginners/National class with three 1st prize results and so gaining Finnish title TK1 from there. We have also just for fun and with very light training visited once in second class (FCI Class I) and got 2nd prize there - Esja did super good work, but unfortunately one exercise failed and we lost our chance to get 1st prize result. Sometimes we do some tracking just for fun, and I plan to go to Rally Obedience Trials with her someday (only with our obedience trial background, not specially training towards rally-o -competitions).

Esja have went through Finnish Character Test (LTE) and Mental Description (MH) -test.

In agility competition, 7 years old - © Sami Ritoniemi

Meeting sheeps for the first time, nearly 10 years - © Aitiorannan, thank you

Playing with bite pad, 6 years - © Taija S, thank you

7 years

7 years

8 years

7 years

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