Hjörvar Ylurson Af Láglendinu

4 months

8 weeks

Name: Hjörvar Ylurson Af Láglendinu "Daiki"
Breed, gender: Icelandic Sheepdog, male
Date of birth: 18.7.2019
Height: ?cm
Double dewclaws: On the hind legs
Breeder: Liane de Voogd / kennel Af Láglendinu (the Netherlands)
Owner: Henni Särkiniemi
Health: some day
Sports and tests: some day

I was starting to look for a short haired Icie, when in August 2019 I got a tip of a litter in the Netherlands having still some sh pups available – some also being tricolours like I had hoped. Timing was a bit too early for me, but I wasn't going to be picky about a few months (my eyes had originally been somewhere in the end of the year or after that). It was really easy to do business with Daiki's breeder, plus I loved all the videos she sent to me of the puppies. I also had a chance to get the puppy I asked for, the one which seemed promising for my needs. Daiki's mother Mysla is from Finland, so this side really brings nothing new to here and was a reason why I wasn't sure about this litter at all at first. But well, her close realatives are not ”overused” here and in pedigree there are many dogs I like.

This pup is named after japanese character Daiki Aomine from a series called Kuroko no Basket. Japanese kanji 大(dai)輝(ki) is meaning "great brightness(/radiance)".

He is a rascal with a pretty big ego. Let's see what kind of character he will have when growing. What kind of dog he will turn to be.

Time will tell what kind of sports we will be doing. A little bit of obedience (passing national beginners class and BH-test at least), and it would be nice to try this and that. But competing in agility is our main goal.

9 weeks

8 weeks, with my other Icies

“Money will buy a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail.”
-Josh Billings