BH TK1 AGI3 FiCH Blenmarin Brenna

Close to 10 years

10 years old

Name: Blenmarin Brenna "Brenna"
Breed, gender: Icelandic Sheepdog, female
Date of birth: 17.4.2007
Height: 42cm
Double dewclaws: On the hind legs
Breeder: Marianne Trogen / kennel Blenmarin (Finland)
Owner: Henni Särkiniemi
- hips D
Agility: MIDI 3, 1 x agiCAC, 2 x agiCAC-J
Obedience: TK1, FCI Class 1 1st-prize
BH-test: Passed
Character test, LTE: +170p and shots ++ (2009)
Mental description, MH: Test completed (2012)

FI CH - she's Finnish Show Champion
BH - she have passed BH test
TK1 - she haves Finnish title from obedience beginners class
AGI3 - she's competing in agility's highest class (retired)

Finnish breed club's Obedience Championships 2011 - beginners class gold
Finnish breed club's Agility Championships 2014 - silver

Agility District Championships 2014 - bronze
Agility District Championships 2015 - gold
Agility District Championships 2016 - bronze
Agility District Team Championships 2012 - gold
Agility District Team Championships 2014 - silver
Agility District Team Championships 2016 - gold
Agility District Team Championships 2017 - gold

Local working dog club's best "multipurpose" dog 2014
Local working dog club's best agilitydog 2015
Local agility club's best agilitydog 2015

The word "brenna" is Icelandic, and means a fire or bonfire. We could not decide with what name we would call our newcomer (I lived with my parents and siblings back then, so we had five people with different opinions). In the end we made a decision that we would keep the name which breeder gives to our puppy. And Brenna fit very well.

Brenna have always been very easy dog. She's lovable, gentle, social, playful, loyal, active... The Dog Of My Life. A great teacher - with her I've entered to the world of dog sports and pedigree dogs. She has excellent prey-drive (playing/fighting will) and loves food over anything. I also like her look a lot, although she's not the "ideal" Icie type. She comes along with everyone (humans and all other animals). We have met many dogs who have been aggressive towards other dogs but get along with Brenna - she doesn't easily respond to others aggressive behaviour, but normally just watches them calmy like a matriarch, and so the others feel ok around her too, not seeing her as a threat etc. She have been and always will be The Great Matriarch of our team who rules us all. That's a place she deserves and I grant to her.

I have said, that Brenna loves only me. Don't get it wrong. Like I wrote earlier, she likes everyone, no matter if it's human or some another four legged. But word "love" means something bigger. My mother said years ago, that specially after watching me and Brenna for several years from close, she can really say there is some bigger connection between us. Brenna is always near me when she haves a chance. She have always understand me easily and I've always trusted her a lot. It's weird for me to think life when she's not here with me anymore...

"My universe will never be the same. I'm glad you came.”
-The Wanted (song lyrics)

We visit in a couple of Dog Shows per year. Our main sport was Agility, where we ran courses in the highest class (Midi 3). In 2017, at the age of 10, I let her retire. We do every now and then some Obedience. There, Brenna have passed Beginners/National class with three 1st prize results and thus gained Finnish obedience title TK1. We have also gained some experience from second class, FCI Class I, having one 1st prize. I hope we will still be competiting a couple of times there. We have done tracking, nose work, etc just for fun.

Brenna have went through Finnish Character Test (LTE) and Mental Description (MH) -test. In 2014 we also went to "prey-drive/protection/shot" -ability test which was done by Ipo/Mondioring helpers (one picture is below). She did well.

In agility competition, 9 years - © Vaasan urheilukuvaus, thank you

9 years

Fighting with IPO helper (in fact he's mondioring judge), 7 years - © Kaisa Yli-Parkas, thank you

Playing with bite pad, 8 years - © Taija S, thank you

Working dog A-frame, 8 years - © Taija S, thank you

With her District Championships pocal, 9 years

11 years

11 years

9 years

8 years

“Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?”
-Jonathan Safran Foer