Hi ya, folks!

This site contains some basic info of my dogs and me. We are pretty normal team from Western Finland. Doing some dog sports without having goals too high (but of course, success is very desired!). Being far from any serious championships level but enjoying all the things we do. I want and need sporting dogs but nothing "extreme".

Earlier I called us by name team brenna07, but in the Spring 2016 I got my FCI kennel name, and now we are Bonfire Dragon's team.

Although... I'm not a breeder yet, maybe not ever: at first I had plans to do very small scale job, breeding some litters of Icelandic Sheepdogs (I'd like to support and maintain their very versatile sporting abilities). But after a while, because of several reasons, I started to change my mind. One is that I began to doubt and think my skills: even though time and experience teach a lot, I don't think I have the knowledge of what a really good breeder should have. There are people and breeders who know much less than I do, but I still wasn't happy with myself. So because of this and other things, my earlier breeding plans for the future are unlikely to happen. But nevertheless, I have my opinions anyway, so on these pages I have left some of my simple opinions about breeding etc. that I had already written about this topic.

Currently I own four dogs:
Icelandic Sheepdog female Brenna
Icelandic Sheepdog female Esja
Dutch Shepherd male Gaara
Icelandic Sheepdog male Daiki

Henni Särkiniemi || team.brenna07 @ gmail.com


Agility is my/our main sport. I have competition experience from midi and maxi class.
My first touch with it was in 2008.


With all my dogs, I want to pass at least Finnish trial's first class. Maybe go further.
My first time to participate to 'competition obedience' -training was in 2008, I'd remember.


I usually visit in a couple of shows per year. Showing sometimes other's Icies too.
My first time in a show ring was in 2008.


I love all kind of tests, so I like/want to for example officially menthal test all my dogs.
And for fun we do this and that, like tracking.
“Exaggeration is bad in all circumstances”
-Max v Stephanitz